Group Summit report

AVA Leadership Summit

The 2018 AVA Leadership Summit was a valuable opportunity for all who attended to gain a greater understanding of the AVA’s journey and future direction with regards to Digital Transformation and development. We were shown the new Vet Voice web page that makes it very easy to navigate for the general public and was compilated by looking at the past web searches on the AVA website and what was commonly looked at on the older website. The new CRM (customer Relations Management) data base is also vastly improved and allows us to contact members far quicker and with a greater efficiency. Information can be targeted to specific localities or generally across the country.

The guest speaker and facilitator of the day, Mike Jenner, is a specialist in the field of leadership and management and took us all through finding gaps in communication, improving listening skills and most importantly, giving and receiving feedback which allows us to evolve and change that leads us to success and transformation.

Duncal Hoggett

AVAG President elect