IVAS Congress Colorado 5-8 September 2018 early bird ends 31st July

Come join the IVAS International Congress being held in Breckenridge, Colorado September 5-8, 2018.

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We are very excited to host the 44th Annual IVAS Congress in the home state of the IVAS office! If you have never been to the Colorado Rocky Mountains, then you are in for a real treat. If you have been, then you know why you are coming back. Crisp mountain air, tall pine and aspen trees and the most amazing views you can find in all of Colorado! September is the perfect time to visit the mountains as the days are warm and the night’s cool making for the perfect combination to spend some time outdoors.


The Colorado Rocky Mountains seem to be known best for skiing which opened in the town of Breckenridge in 1961. However, don’t be fooled as there is much to do even without the snow. There is hiking, wildflowers, fly fishing, mountain biking, white water rafting and alpine slides just to name a few. Home to the largest historic district in Colorado, Breckenridge’s rich and colorful history is full of gold finds and mining, exploration and adventure, brothels, saloons, booms and busts. Founded in 1859 by a small group of prospectors, the town’s Gold Rush brought droves of settlers seeking their fortunes.


If you have never attended an IVAS Congress before; now is the time to do so! Joining this year’s Congress provides an opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills and the time to network with colleagues.

The spirit, energy and commitment of the IVAS members are what make the IVAS Annual Congress such an exceptional event.


One of the greatest strengths of the IVAS Annual Congress on Veterinary Acupuncture is the talented and diverse audience that it attracts from around the world. Veterinarians with backgrounds in veterinary acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM), integrative veterinary medicine, veterinary chiropractic, university educators, students, researchers, and other veterinary services will travel to this event from around the world. Every attendee and every speaker brings with him/her a unique background and experience. We come as much for the renewal of our spirit and the networking opportunities as for the superior information sharing. This Congress presents a broad overview of the very latest scientific information, cutting edge discoveries and insightful uses in everyday clinical practice. 


This year’s Keynote Speaker is Cynthia J. Lankenau, DVM, CVA, CCVHM, RH (AHG)


“The Six Stages: A Way to Understand Today’s Chronic Diseases”  


In the last few decades, the overall quality of health in all our animal patients has been deteriorating. There is an increase in several chronic diseases including diseases indicative of chronic immune mediated inflammatory diseases like recurrent uveitis, and diseases indicative of significant failure of normal function.  In horses one such example is the complex of diseases known as Metabolic Syndrome. This syndrome describes horses with both a metabolic and a hormonal disorder characterized by obesity, regional adiposity, insulin resistance, and laminitis. According to figures from the American Association of Equine Practitioners, over 20% of all horses are at risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome. Many breeds of horses are also at an increased risk of developing immune mediated diseases.



The Appaloosa has an 8-fold risk over all breeds for development of recurrent uveitis and is responsible for 25% of all cases. Recurrent Uveitis is often incited by viral, bacterial, or spirochete organisms. These diseases are becoming difficult to control and cure, even with the help of alternative modalities. In small animals, we are seeing more and more cases of refractory epilepsy and other chronic disease such as, in cats, Urinary Tract Blockages and Stomatitis.

The Six Stages of disease was first developed by the great master of Chinese Herbology, Zhang Zhong Jing (142-220 ACE) when he wrote the Shang Han Lun on Cold Damage. When examining these diseases in the context of the Six Stages of Disease, diseases found at the level of the Jue Yin are serious and are occurring at the deepest stage in the body.  A Jue Yin disease reflects the separation of Yin and Yang and the collapse of Zheng Qi.  This talk will focus on a number of current diseases from Equine Metabolic Syndrome to feline cystitis to canine epilepsy that are examples of Jue Yin Diseases.


Dr. Lankenau grew up in the Hudson Valley in New York State on a dairy farm, went to Cornell for undergraduate and veterinary school, graduating from veterinary college in 1981. Initially out of school, she practiced in a 99% dairy practice. To spice up life a bit, from 1984-5, worked in Malawi Africa, while in the Peace Corps. Upon returning to the US, started back in a mixed animal practice and quickly became frustrated with limitations in conventional medicine. In 1991, she started down the alternative path.

After certification in acupuncture with IVAS in1991, she established a 100% alternative modality practice; with chiropractic, homeopathic, herbal training/certification through our various organizations; AVCA in 1995; Chi’s Herbal program 2002; IVAS’s Chinese Herbal in 2011; CIVT’s Western Herbal Graduate Program, Dr. Pitcairn’s Homeopathic Training in 1995; and is currently finishing Chi’s Master program


Come join IVAS in the Rocky Mountains and visit the IVAS Congress page to see the list of speakers, topics and wet labs. We look forward to seeing you!


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