IVAS Name That Point

“Name That Point!”



In the world of competitive sports, offense is king. It is the crowd pleaser, attracting sponsors and the attention of the media while at the same time encouraging “groupie” behavior…but defense wins games. In the world of acupuncture, Yang is the attention-getter- “me-me-me” yells Yang. But the real ruler is quiet little unassuming Yin. Yin is truly powerful- Yang is just really loud and obnoxious.

One of the most powerful Yin points in the body is located where 3 yin meridians cross- hence the nickname “Three Yin Crossing” (duh). Also known as San Yin Jiao, this point is located where the Spleen, Kidney and Liver meridians intersect. Not much fun to treat on a chestnut thoroughbred mare, nonetheless the reward usually outweighs the risk.

It is the Master point for urogenital and caudal abdomen (nobody likes problems there). Its list of benefits is nearly endless- endocrine disorders, edema, fluid management, fertility, pain, blood and skin disorders, anxiety and shen disturbances are on the short list.

It’s located 3 cun above the medial malleolus, caudal to the tibial border medially on the hind limb and ½ cun posterior to the saphenous vein. What is this powerful little Queen of a point?

What is: SPLEEN 6