Meet your new AVA board contact for AVAG

Robert Johnson should need no introduction- past president of the AVA, an expert on all things scaly and a cartoonist extraordinaire, did you know that Robert is also an IVAS graduate. Yep in the first group way back in 1992. So he should feel right at home with this mob.

'It is with some pleasure that I have been chosen to be the Board director responsible for the AVAG. As a graduate of the first IVAS course conducted in Australia in the early 1990s I do feel some affiliation with the group. The acupuncture program was from my memory the first exam-based accreditation of any veterinary group within the AVA. I formed some strong friendships during that time, and it was with great sadness that I recently heard of Ulrike Wurth’s untimely death. She was a wonderful teacher and advocate for acupuncture and veterinary practice in general. Our association continued when I joined the Policy Advisory Council as the Unusual and Exotic Pets Special Interest Group (now UPAV) representative and was able to give Ulrike support during trying times for the group. I am very keen to see AVAG flourish as more and more evidence is gathered to show the benefits of acupuncture as a valid complement to traditional Western veterinary medicine.'

Robert Johnson BVSc MANZCVS CertZooMed BA Grad Dip Asian Studies