AVA Conference Workshop -an Introductory Acupuncture workshop for your non acupuncture colleagues


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  • What is Acupuncture? 


  • How does it work?
  • Is there scientific evidence?

How can I use it in my practice?

Why study acupuncture?



Answers to these questions and many more will be addressed at this post AVA conference workshop on Friday 9th June 2017.


This workshop is designed for veterinarians with no previous acupuncture experience who would like more information about integrating acupuncture into their practice. Theoretical and practical aspects of acupuncture relating to common clinical conditions will be presented at this “hands on” workshop by two of the most experienced veterinary acupuncturists in Australia, Dr Ulrike Wurth and Dr Carl Muller both Senior Lecturers at the Australian College of Veterinary Acupuncture.


At this workshop, you will discover the scientific aspects of acupuncture as well as hands-on experience in finding major acupuncture points and how combinations of these points can be applied in general practice.  After this workshop, you will be able to treat conditions such as hip dysplasia, arthritis and muscle trigger points in your clinic.


This is an ideal introductory session if you think acupuncture may be for you enabling you to decide whether to embark on further formal education in this treatment modality.

Click here for more details   http://conference.ava.com.au/workshops  and scroll down to the Acupuncture Workshop on the 9th for details.  Registration is via the AVA registration form.

Or go to the ACVA website for details of Acupuncture Courses at www.vetacupcollege.com.au