AVA Conference 2017 Melbourne 4-10 June, Early Bird extended


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This year the emphasis for AVAG will be on promoting acupuncture to our non acupuncture colleagues. Please encourage your colleagues to pop into our lectures to dip their toes in our modality. For those of you that have done your basic acupuncture courses but have not used it for a while, this will also be a great way to re introduce yourselves to acupuncture. 

We have a fantastic selection of lectures for equine and small animal practitioners.

Dr Ian Bidstrup, our keynote speaker will  discuss acupuncture techniques for the Equine spinal, shoulder and upper hindquarter pain and dysfunction, the nuerophysiology of equine spinal and upper limb acupuncture and internal organ acupuncture.

Dr Barbara Fougere will introduce veterinary acupuncture and how it can be used effectively in a conventional western practice.

Dr Elaine Cebuliak will give an entertaining and interactive lecture on her top 10 acupuncture points and their uses.

Dr Kim Lim will discuss the common syndromes of cruciate disease and the bad back and how various acupuncture techniques can be used as part of the rehabilitation protocol.

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